QUALICO 2021 (postponed Qualico 2020)
Tokyo, JAPAN
September 9-11, 2021

Call for Papers

Topics of Papers

The main topic of the conference is:
Quantitative Approaches to Universality and Individuality in Language

We particularly encourage submissions on:
- conceptual or philosophical study discussing linguistic hypotheses, models, or language and text phenomena in order to construct laws, theories, models, and systems in quantitative linguistics;
- methods of linguistic measurement, model construction, sampling and test theory;
- descriptions of all aspects of language and text phenomena, including psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, dialectology, pragmatics, language typology, usage based approaches, etc., as far as they use quantitative mathematical methods;
- applications of methods, models, or findings from quantitative linguistics to problems of natural language processing, text classification, stylistics, authorship attribution, language teaching, text mining, linguistic network analysis.

Oral Session

Presentations should be in English. Each paper will be allotted 25 minutes (including discussion). There will also be a poster session; however, authors cannot select which type of session in advance. Authors will know the type of session when they receive a notification of acceptance.

Multiple Works by the Same Author

The maximum number of submissions by the same author is two papers. An author cannot be the first author of two papers. The third submission itself by the same author including papers as the co-author may be automatically deleted without any notice.

Details on how to submit the abstract as well as further information can be downloaded from here.


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